Dutch Water Boards aim to scale up production of biobased biological degradable plastic out of sewage

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Dutch Water Boards aim to scale up production of biobased biological degradable plastic out of sewage

One of the raw materials the Dutch Water Boards produce is PHA - PolyHydroxyAlkanonate - a bioplastic originating from sewage. This PHA (PHB) has proven to consist of high grade technical qualities and is under certain circumstances biological degradable.
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Energie en Grondstoffenfabriek

Or Energy and Factory for Raw Materials. To the Dutch Water Boards sewage is no longer a waste product that needs purification and processing, but it's also a source for sustainable energy, raw materials and clean water. This view fits the transition towards a circular economy. The Water Boards work together with the networkorganization Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek.

Biobased and biological degradable plastic

The Dutch Water Boards recently concluded a project (Phario) which aimed to research the possibilities to filter slib (as a medium) and fatty acids (as feed stock) in order to create PHA (PHB) with excellent qualities:

  • direction on quality
  • great thermological and mechanical qualities
  • 100% biogenic and well biodegradable under certain circumstances in the ocean (depending on the product)
  • 70% lower environmental impact compared to PHA of monocultures
  • low melting point accompanied by a high molucar weight
  • funtions as impact modifier for PLA

In May 2017 we've presented the results of a succesful pilot, which you can find in the download.

Start of production

After concluding the pilot and providing evidence we're looking to demonstrate the possibilities and eventually realise a commercial factory for c.a. 5.000 t. PHA (PHB) annually with the prospect to scale up.

The challenge: will you join us as a commercial partner?

We already listed the quality of our PHA and the cost of production. More applications are needed to create a stable sales market. Therefor we need to further develop together with commercial partners. This means we aim to develop a more market based approach together with the production chain to produce market specific PHA (PHB). 

We are looking for commercial partners such as product developers, compounders, parts manufaturers, system integrators and brands that are interested and stability. A vigurous approach is needed to level this project up to the next level.

We also welcome strategic partners. As Water Boards we function as an innovator and developer, for realisation we look to market parties to work together. Besides developing a sales market we also look for industrial partners for downstream processing (extraction or other methods). 

Are you interested to learn more about our project with the ambition to work with us? Please leave a reply or e-mail us at martijnbovee@efgf.nl.

Onderzoek pilot PHA 2017 (Stowa onderzoeksrapport)
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