Building ‘bio-based’ with Isobouw’s BioFoam

Building ‘bio-based’ with Isobouw’s BioFoam

Isobouw Systems is a company that continuously seeks to develop within the field of sustainable products. It has a leading position in the development and production of sustainable insulation products based on Airpop, which is the new European name for EPS (expanded polystyreen).

DUBO label
‘We have over 23 DUBO certified products. This means that these products are compared by NIBE with other insulation products with similar application’. As a result the IsoBouw products are considered as one of the best DUBO options with perfect environmental performance.

But IsoBouw goes one step further! With BioFoam it has the first 100% biological cradle-to-cradle foam insulation worldwide. The resources for BioFoam consist of biopolymers which are made of plants (i.e. an infinite source). This leads to the possibility of reuse – just like Airpop – and at the same time being biodegradable and compostable. Nevertheless BioFoam can be used sustainably and durably in almost every construction application.

Infinite reuse
Many product features of BioFoam are similar to those of Airpop. It has an excellent insulation potential, it’s pressure resistant, light, easy to process, not harmful to your health and it can easily be shaped to your own use. Due to the infinite resource (i.e. plants) BioFoam adds an extra dimension to the sustainability of Airpop. According to the cradle-to-cradle principles, BioFoam products without quality loss may be used endlessly. Hence BioFoam is the first biological foam insulation worldwide that obtained the cradle-to-cradle certificate!  

CO2 emission
BioFoam can also heavily reduce CO2 emissions. The energy demand for the production of Airpop is already very low when looking at other insulation material. The production of BioFoam decreases the total CO2 emission even more with 70%. Further research needs to uncover a CO2 neutral production in the future.

BioFoam is an excellent solution for projects aimed at bio-based building. For a while it has been succesfully applied as loose EPS beads for after-insulation of cavity walls. Furthermore, IsoBouw has an attic insulation systems called SlimFix DecoBio of which the insulation core exists of BioFoam material.

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