Fight food waste in Utrecht together with BuurtBuik


Food connects. BuurtBuik knows that. We turn potential food waste into delicious, healthy and free meals. To make this dream become reality in Overvecht, Utrecht, we are crowdfunding and looking for donations and volunteers!

A lunch every Saturday

Since October, We've been volunteer local board members for an organisation called BuurtBuik, which fights food waste by picking up food from restaurants and supermarkets that is no longer sellable, but still good to eat. From 17th February onwards, we plan to prepare and serve a delicious, healthy, free lunch every Saturday in Overvecht, Utrecht.

We need help!

To turn this dream into reality, we need several things. We are currently looking for the following:

  • Money for our crowdfunding
  • A cargo bike (bakfiets) to collect food with
  • Donations of secondhand soup bowls and cool bags/boxes
  • Donations of coffee and tea (to give to our team of volunteers)
  • Volunteers to help us pick up food and cook on Saturdays

We are incredibly grateful to our 139 donors for helping us reach 62% of our target amount.. Will you join them and fight food waste together with us? We have many wonderful crowdfunding rewards still available to buy!

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Geschreven door Holly Tammik op 30-12-17

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Hi Holly, misschien kun je meedoen aan Circular Power in 24 Hours om extra matches en ideeën op te doen! Zie:

BuurtBuik is a non-profit that turns potential food waste into free meals. To make this dream a reality in Overvecht, Utrecht, we are crowdfunding!



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